About Mirabello Consultancy

Mirabello Consultancy is a Swiss-based company, specialized in residence and citizenship by investment solutions. Clients from all around the world trust Mirabello Consultancy for its personal approach, profound expertise and high degree of discretion. Mirabello Consultancy is a leading innovator in the Investment Migration Industry offering tailored digital and risk mitigation solutions to global Service Providers and Governmental Agencies, envisioning an even more secure, efficient and modern industry.


Vito Magagnino Mirabello Consultancy Managing Partner

Vito Magagnino


Zurich, Switzerland

Vito is the Founder and CEO of Swiss-based company, Mirabello Consultancy Ltd. Vito has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the investment migration industry in his multiple years involvement, where he further developed the industry in the middle east, occupying managerial roles within the investment migration sector, such as working with HNWI Clients, over to collaborating with international Compliance companies all the way to Government Entities. Prior to Mirabello Consultancy, Vito worked as a Director and Government Advisor for an Investment Immigration firm in Dubai, U.A.E.

Daniel Huber

Managing Partner

Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel is Managing Partner at Mirabello Consultancy Ltd., based in Zurich, Switzerland. Previously Daniel headed third-party distribution and strategic business development at Henley & Partners. In this role he acquired extensive experience setting up new and improving existing investment migration programs for governments and advising clients on tailored global migration solutions. Until 2013 Daniel was a Managing Director at Credit Suisse and ran the Swiss equity derivatives sales desk of the bank. The team’s portfolio included OTC derivatives, structured and fund linked products and CLO equity tranches. He is an expert in the marketing of complex financial products to institutional clients such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds and independent asset managers. His educational background includes a master’s degree from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at the University of Zurich, and a one-year scholarship from the Swiss–Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Japan.

Ziyaad Byat

Ziyaad Byat

Managing Director

Dubai, U.A.E.

Ziyaad is the Managing Director at Mirabello Consultancy DMCC, operating out of our Dubai branch in the United Arab Emirates. Ziyaad has gained extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the Investment Migration Industry, counting more than 5 years of experience in this sector as well as working with international clients from the Middle-East and Africa. Ziyaad is a South African national and speaks fluent English. Prior to his extensive professional immigration experience, Ziyaad worked in Banking, finance and asset management for over 10 years.

Maria-Teresa Miccoli

Marketing Director

Zurich, Switzerland

Maria-Teresa is the Marketing Director at Mirabello Consultancy Ltd. Maria-Teresa is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of our global organization's marketing and advertising initiative creating business value in the area of marketing, communication and general business administration. Maria-Teresa's extensive knowledge of the Investment Migration Industry, combined with her Fashion Industry background makes her understand changing market trends quickly and executes new and innovative marketing strategize accordingly.

Chukwuemeka Kelvin Idam


Lagos, Nigeria

Emeka is a Director at Mirabello Consultancy in Lagos Nigeria. Emeka brings a vast experience to the firm through his 11 years in the upstream oil & gas sector in a function that required him to work closely with government agencies, international oil companies and high-net-worth individuals, advising them on risks and assisting them in seeking out value-creating opportunities across many jurisdictions both local and international. Emeka has a hands-on approach, is always willing to assist new clients and has acquired a wide international network.

Why Mirabello


In order to provide you with our best service, we will determine your needs and objectives together, during an initial personal meeting. We will be pleased to answer all your questions about the procedures, available investment options, and much more.


We have know-how and experience in the Investor Migration industry, in order to navigate you through it safely. We meet the most demanding requirements of both, this industry and our clients.


We put all the right parts together for your best result. Whether you are starting a family, planning retirement or setting up a plan b, you can rely on our customize services from start to end.


"I have experienced an excellent service from start to end"

Middle Eastern Client

"Best assistance one could ask for such a complex procedure"

CIS Region Client

"... Their Industry insight have made them the perfect partner to assist and guide us through the complexity of running an Intergovernmental department strongly connected do the private sector."

Head of Government Entity

"An efficient and transparent service, in addition to being a highly dedicated team"

Asian Client