Assisting Citizenship Units Globally!

We provide comprehensive guidance in planning, executing and running a secure and efficient Citizenship by Investment Program.

Operating Principles

Migration Program

Set Up a new Investor Program. We start with a concept and fully assist in the execution all the way to the promotion. We are always at your side.


Have all the information you need and ensure a repeatable strategy to mitigate all the risks. Always prepare for the worst.

CBI Software

A tailored industry software that supports your applications in a secure and digital way to make your complex work easier. Manage all your documents with a systematic approach.


Rethink your way of doing business today. Creating new strategies to tap in to new markets. Have an advantage over your competitors and be always a step ahead.


Invest in your team by strengthening their skills and take them to in-depth level of knowledge. This alone will prevent many.


Attract investor from around the world! Speak their language and adapt to their culture.


Identifying inefficiencies and finding appropriate and long-term solutions must be a primary goal.

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