Citizenship By Investment In Antigua & Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in 2013 passing both houses of parliament, in an effort to support further the local economy. Since its inception the program has approved many wealthy applicants around the world. One of the main requirements to all the applicants is to have no criminal record history. The Antigua and Barbuda CBI has therefore implemented a strict back ground check procedure in order to mitigate any kind of risks towards its program. This way it assures that only highly qualified applicants pass the program’s requirements and get granted their citizenship once all steps of the program are completed successfully.

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most saught after second citizenship globally with many benefits to its citizens.

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Benefits of citizenship by investment in Antigua & Barbuda


Visa Free Travel Countries

incl. European Schengen Area, UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more.

Future Generations

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship may be passed on to future generations.


Months Processing

Processing time required is of 6 months only.

Investment Requirement in Antigua & Barbuda

NDF Contribution

USD 100,000

Real Estate

USD 200,000

Investment Amount

USD 125,000

Investment Options

Contribution: USD 100,000 + Processing Fee: USD 25,000 or Real Estaet: USD 200,000 + Processing Fee: USD 50,000

Processing Time

6 months

Family inclusion


1st Passport
issuance validity

5 years

Passing Citizenship to Future Generation

YES - Fee applicable

PhyFull European Union (EU) Member State


Common Wealth Member

YES - since 1981

Establishment in EU Region

Travel only

Schengen Area Travel Access

Yes - 90 days within any 180-day period

Visa Free Country


USA and Canada Access visa free


USA E2 Visa Treaty


Higher Education Background required


Local Language requirement


Capped application number


Phyisical stay required


In order to become a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda, an applicant must be over 18 years old, meet all the requirements, and choose one of the available options to get Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship through a qualified Investment:

  1. NDF Contribution:
    A contribution to the National Development Fund, which is at least $ 100,000.
  2. Real Estate Investment:
    Purchase real estate with a minimum value of $ 200,000 from an approved real estate project. The property must be held of for a minimum o five years.
  3. Business Investment:
    The direct purchase of a suitable business is worth at least $ 1.5M per person. Alternatively, a joint purchase in which each person receives a minimum of $ 400,000 from a minimum of $ 5 million.

Family members of the main applicant can be included in the citizenship application, such as spouse, children under the age of 31, parents, a grandparent over the age of 55, and an unmarried sister of the main applicant, and/or a husband of any age, and may add godparents.

Program Procedure

Month 1

Mirabello Consultancy Onboarding

Month 2

Mirabello Application preparation and submission for Antigua Citizenship

Month 5

Government Decision in Principle

Month 5

Required Investment Due

Month 6

Citizenship granting and antigua barbuda passport issuance

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda is comprised of two main islands among smaller ones, where it derives its state name and is located in the middle of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. It is an independent Commonwealth country since 1981 with a population of more than 95,000 and a strong touristic sector as well as a local agricultural sector serving the islands well. With about 365 beaches on Antigua, pink and white sand beaches on Barbuda and luxuriant palms, the country was an early proponent of sea-and-sun tourism which today is loved by tourists from around the world thanks to the fantastic direct international connection it offers to North America and Europe and with its steady warm climate, year around. Originally settled as the site of sugar plantations , Antigua in recent years has become a culinary destination because of the wealth of seafood in its oceans, and the joy in its people. Antigua’s economy is in a steady growth since many years now, attracting investors from abroad to its fast growth in the Tourism industry.

Country Information

Capital: St. John's

Currency: ECD

Official Language: English

Population: approx. 95,000

GDP: +1.5 billion

Time Zone: GMT -4

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Why are we the best choice when it comes to immigrating and calculating the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost?

Why are we the best choice when it comes to immigrating and calculating the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost?

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We are ready to answer all your questions on how to get Antigua citizenship. Everything you want to know we will tell you and name you the cost of it. In this way, it will be easier for you to plan your next steps and see how you can make the most of your relocation.

Why are we the best choice when it comes to immigrating and calculating the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost?

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All our agents are licensed. We go all the way with our clients: from the first consultation to getting antigua and barbuda passport. We also help change tax jurisdictions. So be sure that with every step you take during your immigration we will be there for you at all times!

Why are we the best choice when it comes to immigrating and calculating the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost?

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We offer additional services for tax residency proof. We also help register addresses, social security cards, local SIM cards, driver's licenses, etc. You can get the full additional services list when contacting us. We want to make your Antigua and Barbuda antigua and barbuda citizenship by investment experience safe, comfortable, and as easy as it can be.

Why are we the best choice when it comes to immigrating and calculating the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost?

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With our help, many families have already received an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. They are enjoying all the travel freedom and benefits of it. Thanks to our rigorous initial investigation, we have one of the highest approval rate for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. We are always happy to see our clients happy, so contact us so you can be our next happy client!

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    Popular programs


    The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI) was launched in 2017, in the form or the Development Support Program, which grants citizenship on applicants who meet the legal & financial requirements as set out in law.

    St. Lucia

    The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2015 as a mean of evolving further its economy, injecting the contribution funds strategically in its own economy. In the CBI Act No. 14 of 2015, St. Lucia grants individuals (or families) to acquire full St. Lucian citizenship through an investment in the country. In pursuing this citizenship law, St. Lucia undertakes strict and efficient background check each applicant pursuing industry standard compliance procedures.

    St. Kitts & Nevis

    The St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 1984 as the first country in the world to offer such an investment. This has started the Citizenship-by-Investment Industry as we know it today. In 2011 updated Regulation were passed in Parliament to restructure and modernize the program. St. Kitts & Nevis CBI operates with thorough risk mitigation procedures to make sure no applicant is granted citizenship that has a criminal records. Once this is made sure of, the applicant must make the predefined investment to the country, which will grant him and the remaining family applicants the citizenship of St. Kitts & Nevis in a straightforward and transparent procedure which takes up to six months’ time, considering the entire procedure from beginning to end.


    The Moldova Citizenshp by Investmetnt Program (MCBI), was launched in 2018 as the latest and newest program in Europe. Moldova is aiming to grow its Economy this way and opened up the possibility for  Global Investors to have a direct investment opportunity into Moldova. MCBI is using the latest and most sophisticated procedures in order to approved legitimate applicants only, as long as all requirements are fully met.


    In an effort to attract talented foreign Investors from all around the world and give them an exclusive opportunity to invest in the Maltese Economy, a new Citizenship law was passed in 2020 Granting of Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Regulations (S.L. 188.05), under the Maltese Citizenship Act Cap. 188, LN437 of 2020, allow for the granting of citizenship by a certificate of naturalization to foreign individuals.